Frequently Asked Questions


Women over the age of 16 who have experienced violence. Reach us by calling our crisis line at 1 800 461 1750 / shelter at 705 526 4211 or text us at 705 999 0012



Shelters for women who have experienced violence are one of the earliest fought for and most celebrated interventions by the feminist anti-violence movement. They are communal settings where women can access shelter and safety from violence, as well as access to in-house supports and adjacent services through referrals. Services are offered at no charge.



  • Supportive, compassionate and non-judgmental
  • 24/7 support including information and resources about intimate partner violence, information about supports available through our organization, crisis counselling, safety planning, and referrals to other programs/services
  • Your call to our crisis line is confidential and your phone number never appears on our phones
  • Reach us by calling our crisis line at 1 800 461 1750 / shelter at 705 526 4211 or text us at 705 999 0012



Pour plus d'informations sur les services que nous offrons en français, veuillez consulter la page des services en français ou appeler la ligne d'écoute téléphonique au 705-526-4211. En appelant ce numéro, vous pouvez compter sur un soutien compatissant et sans jugement à tout moment, y compris des informations et des ressources sur la violence entre partenaires intimes, des informations sur les soutiens offerts par notre organisation, des conseils en cas de crise, la planification de la sécurité et l'orientation vers d'autres programmes ou services. Votre appel à notre ligne d'écoute est confidentiel et votre numéro de téléphone n'apparaît jamais sur nos téléphones.



We offer culturally-specific crisis counselling, incorporating traditional teachings and use of the medicine wheel. At La Maison Rosewood Shelter we have multiple crisis counsellors on staff, but one is specific to providing the Indigenous lens, but also carries the two-eyed seeing approach. We can provide assistance with:
  • Band Requests and Advocacy
  • Replacement status/citizenship cards
  • Cultural Programming connections
  • Indigenous Centered Resources
  • Sacred Medicines and supplies
Current local services we can assist with connecting you to are: If you are looking for Indigenous-specific Shelters for women use this link: Aboriginal Shelters of Ontario.



We believe each woman has the right to make this decision for herself and we will never pressure anyone to involve the police. Your call to our crisis line is confidential and your phone number never appears on our phones; our crisis counsellors do not report women who call our crisis line to the police. If you do want to involve the police, we can provide appropriate referrals and support



While we do our best to accommodate all women who need emergency shelter, space is often limited and only available on a first come first serve basis. We do not keep a waitlist for the shelter. We recommend you continue to call if there is no space available at your first request and can provide phone numbers to other shelters as needed.



If you are not in the Midland area, visit ShelterSafe to look up shelters in your area or call our shelter at 705 526 4211 for phone numbers to other shelters.



No, your immigration status will not prevent you from accessing support through the emergency shelter.



  • Call our crisis line for support at 1 800 461 1750
  • You do not need to stay in the shelter to access support
  • We support women unconditionally, whatever you choose to do. Staff will never pressure you to leave your partner, but will support your choices and provide access to resources and information regarding your safety
  • Make a safety plan
  • Know your rights
  • If you have experienced a sexual assault and require a Sexual Assault Evidence Kit (SAEK), please contact the Regional Sexual and Domestic Assault Treatment Centre for Simcoe County and Muskoka – Soldiers Memorial Hospital in Orillia ( T: (705) 327-9155 or Toll-free: 1 (877) 377-7438. If you require support accessing the treatment centre or would like more information regarding treatment or kits, call our crisis line or shelter



Call our administrative line at 705 526 3221 or shelter 705 526 4211.



Food banks in Midland
  • Georgian Bay Food Network
  • Salvation Army 705 526 2751
  • St. Vincent de Paul


Food banks in Barrie



We understand the decision to leave violence can be impacted by the close connection women have with their pets and will provide compassionate support and safety planning for women and their pets. We can provide referrals to emergency supports for pets. Call our crisis line for support at 1 800 461 1750.



Call our crisis line for support at 1 800 461 1750. We can make a referral to Choices for Children (a program of Huronia Transition Homes), a group program for women with children who have been exposed to violence against their mothers.



In Midland General



Yes. Harm reduction supplies are available through each of our programs. Hard reduction supplies can be accessed 24/7 at La Maison Rosewood.



The Transition Support program provides support and practical assistance to women living in the shelter and living in the community who have left or are leaving an abusive relationship and establishing themselves independently. Call to speak directly with the Transition support worker at 705 526 3221 ext. 3230.
  • Find a new place to live
  • Assist you to find a job
  • Learn about setting a budget
  • Help you apply for Ontario Housing and Ontario Works
  • Explain the supports and services in the community
  • Help you find a counsellor
  • Help you plan for your safety
  • Referrals to other programs


If calling from within the Midland area, reach our Legal Advocate at 705 526 3221 ext. 3229 for information and referrals. Please be advised, we do not provide legal advice, but will provide knowledgeable and compassionate support and resource.



The work we do as a non-profit organization is made possible through the support of our community.
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  • Host a fundraiser
  • Become a donor
  • See what our programs need
  • Make a financial donation online
  • View our fundraising kit for more information