Choices for Children is a psychoeducational group program for children aged five to fifteen in Simcoe County who have been exposed to abuse against their mothers. The group runs for 10 weeks and provides mothers and their children a place to strengthen their relationships and better understand the impacts that violence has had on their lives. Choices for Children works to empower families by providing them with knowledge and tools related to topics such as:

- Emotions
- Communication and Conflict
- Responsibility for Violence
- Safety Planning
- Personal Boundaries and Consent
- Family Changes
- Self Compassion & Self-Acceptance

Children and youth have the opportunity to connect with others who have witnessed abuse against their mothers. Mothers have a separate group time available to discuss how the abuse has affected their children, to receive parenting support, and to network and share resources.

Choices for Children uses a trauma-informed, mother-centered, anti-oppressive approach. All participation is self-referred, confidential, free of charge, and all necessary materials are supplied. Services may be available virtually and/or in-person.
705-526-3221 EXT. 3241 OR 1-800-461-1750.